I received my Bachelor of Science from UC Berkeley in Nutritional Sciences - Dietetics. After graduating, I started my career as a Health Coach, then later earned certifications as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Group Fitness Instructor, and Registered Dietitian. As a health coach, I traveled to companies throughout the United States and supported their employees by organizing health fairs, teaching classes, and creating educational resources on topics such as diabetes management.

Spanish was my first language, so I understand the unique struggles the Hispanic community faces and I tailor my services to meet their needs. Physicians refer their patients to me because they see significant improvements. Patients trust working with me because they experience a better quality of life. I enjoy being a Registered Dietitian because I can apply medical nutrition interventions and help people establish a healthier lifestyle.

Most recently, I have collaborated with media outlets to reach a larger audience and make a greater impact. I am a published author on Consumer Health Digest. I have been also featured in articles by Forbes Health, Carewell, Eat This, Not That, First for Women Magazine, Target 100, Total Shape, Woman's World, and more! Media outlets and brands enjoy working with me because I am a reliable source and personable spokesperson. Click here to see my media kit. Let's connect to reach your business goals too!

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